As part of our overall fitness and participation program we are organizing a school Kilometer Club Program.

Students grades 2-7 are welcome to enroll. Kilometer Club will be on Wednesdays at lunch until June, as well as in conjunction with GGE’s after school Sun Run training program.   Kilometer Club runs will take place on the top field.   On rainy or icy days, Kilometer Club may be cancelled. In the event a student is committed to another club or sport during the same timeframe as Kilometer Club’s Wednesday runs, students must honor their commitments to those previously made commitments first.  Students are also encouraged to log runs/distances with an adult outside of school time. 

This permission slip is to be brought to the first run. Each participant returning the permission form is given a permanent running number at the end of their first run. The student must remember his/her number. After each subsequent run is completed the student’s number is recorded. Each Friday a table with the kilometers completed by each child will be updated so the children can keep track of their accomplishments.  Token colored keychain feet for reaching prescribed distances will be presented at the following school assembly.  Feet will be awarded for 25 km, 50 km, 100 km, 150 km, and 200 km. A special award is given to those students completing 250 km. In addition, the run distances accumulated by each student will be passed onto classroom teachers to assist them in reporting on the province’s Daily Fitness Requirement. 

The first run will be on Wednesday, Jan 18 at 12:05-12:30.   Students missing this first run can still join as long as they hand in the bottom of this letter on the first day that they can run with the Club. There are extra forms at the office if needed.

Thank you,

Ms. Choboter, Ms. Clark, Mrs. Forrest

Kilometer Club Coordinators

Gordon Greenwood Elementary

9175 - 206 Street, Langley
BC, V1M 2X2
Phone: 604-882-0114
Fax: 604-882-2617