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In Langley, the Graduate Profile Outcomes were developed by an extensive consultative process aimed at attaining a vision for the characteristics of students graduating from our schools.  The Graduate Profile Outcomes describe the attributes that our District believes are important for our students to have in order to be the educated citizens of the future.

Within the context of the Langley Graduate Profile Outcomes, our school’s mission is as follows:

At Gordon Greenwood Elementary we embrace learning, community, opportunity, mutual respect, and excellence. Welcome!

Mutual respect &


Gordon Greenwood Elementary is a school that can be characterized as a school that has a well-defined community of learners where students, staff and parents hold high expectations and are actively involved and committed to maximizing student learning. Our school is committed to the following beliefs to help guide the growth of each student’s knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as their love for learning.

At Gordon Greenwood we believe that all students should:

·        be responsible individuals, accountable for making appropriate choices.

·        have a safe, positive, and supportive learning environment.

·        develop their self-esteem and pride in one’s accomplishments.

·        have an understanding of each one’s self-worth, values and needs.

·        have tolerance and respect for the diversity of others.

·        develop effective communication skills.

·        develop an appreciation of the Fine Arts.

·        have opportunities to advance their respective technological skills.

·        be aware of and practice the important benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

·        develop skills related to independent thinking, problem-solving, and goal setting.

·        be working towards becoming confident, self-motivated lifelong learners.


At Gordon Greenwood School we value these core principles:

·        recognizing, developing and supporting the unique worth of each individual.

·        enabling each individual to make his or her best possible contributions.

·        understanding that all individuals have the capacity to learn when given the opportunity

·        providing a safe, healthy and caring learning and working environment in which all individuals feel          confident and have a sense of belonging.

·        building independent relationships fostering integrity, diversity, respect and trust.

·        communicating honestly and openly.

·        providing information and opportunities for students to make positive choices.

·        valuing learning as a lifelong process for all.

·        demonstrating personal accountability for our roles.


The Graduate Profile is the vision statement for Langley School District.  Its purpose is to describe the attributes of students graduating from Langley schools.  All curriculum, administrative and teacher practice, assessment, evaluation and reporting processes will be directed toward the achievement of this vision.  While high standards of performance will be expected of all students, there is recognition of their diversity and developmental stages.

With the support of the family and community, Langley students will be:

ETHICAL AND RESPECTFUL CITIZENS who act in caring, principled and responsible ways, respecting the gender, race and cultural heritage of all people and the rights of others to hold different ideas and beliefs

DEMOCRATIC PARTICIPANTS who, as citizens of Canada and the world, make knowledgeable decisions and take actions which consider the needs of others and are in accordance with the principles, rights and responsibilities of a democratic tradition.

EFFECTIVE THINKERS who demonstrate the skills of creative, flexible and critical thinking, independent reasoning and problem solving.

SELF-DIRECTED INDIVIDUALS who display initiative, personal responsibility, a positive sense of self-worth and strive for well-being and balance in their personal development and relations with others.

SKILLED AND KNOWLEDGEABLE LEARNERS who demonstrate high standards of performance in reading, writing, listening and speaking, mathematics, the natural, applied and social sciences, the practical arts, fine arts and applied technologies.

QUALITY CONTRIBUTORS who strive to contribute quality ideas, skills, products and performances that reflect their learning and talents.

FUTURE-ORIENTED DECISION MAKERS who exhibit historical awareness, flexibility, and the attitude and commitment to pursue lifelong learning in order to achieve their personal and career goal





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